Once upon a time in Renaissance Land…

Greetings intrepid traveler!

Gather ‘round whilst Captain Fyre tells the tale of her harrowing journey to the Renaissance Faire!

My Denver krewe gather’d and we set sail towards adventure! After twists and turns, my first mate spied the gates of this mysterious land, o’erflowing with many a travelers.

Entrance to the Renaissance Festival

“Tis a faire!” I shouted, my heart filled with glee. So off my party wandered to see what wonders awaited past the gates.

Mere minutes inside, I encountered a fierce dragon who attempted to swallow me whole!

Captain Fyre vs. a dragon

I narrowly escaped with my life!

Shortly thereafter we nearly ran over this fine feathered fellow. He had ferocity written all over his face, so we quickly moved along.

A frightening feathered fellow

A nearby furrier poked his head out his shop to determine the cause of the commotion. Again we made haste and scurried past before the city guard too came to investigate.

A furrier and his wares.

Finally, we made way to friendlier pastures where we encountered this jovial chap and his zebra steed. She was a fine mount and we were wont to take her with us; however, no price we offered would he accept.

A traveler and his zebra steed

This day was filled with surprises as we wandered upon a “doctor” in strange garb and his “time machine”. He claimed to have visited our faire from another era in search of adventure, same as we. The strange tales he told were fascinating, but after a while, we needed to part ways.

Time travelers

Amidst us sinners and the ilk, we found a holy warrior. Madam Templar sought to bring us all to our knees before God. From her stories, she had been rather successful at converting the lost souls, primarily because it seemed nobody expected an Inquisition…

A templar set to bring us to the Lord

After more wandering, we sought respite from the heat and sun whilst being entertained by a traveling paladin and his flute. He played many melodious tunes, some familiar and others of his own creation.

A paladin entertaining us in his spare time

Inspired by the paladin, I tried my hand at an instrument. The caterwauling of the strings confirmed that piracy would remain my calling.

Captain Fyre attempting to play music

Onwards we traveled through the faire and came upon a match between a mage and his young lord. The lord fought bravely and will surely make a fine warrior one day.

A young lord battling a mage

Although mead flowed a-plenty, the one thing lacking in this festival was a brothel. I made do however and found a lovely face to pass a moment.

Captain Fyre finds a companion

On the way to an exit, we met a young lad on a quest to rescue his princess. His trials and tribulations were indeed the stuff of legends. We wished him well and cautioned him to watch his heart carefully.

Link searching for his Zelda

My krewe helped to make this venture one to remember! We left the festival with many fond memories and a promise to sail this way again.

Captain Fyre and krewe

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  1. Yar! Good fun was had.

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