Things I’ve done lately

Like the Flux Pavilion song says, “I can’t stop”. There are always new adventures, new experiences or new people to meet. Let’s explore some of the things Fyre’s been up to!

I drove cross country from Orlando, FL to Denver, CO.

Ah but I love the open road! It was a bit of a tedious drive, but I actually met some cool people along the way!

I saw a double rainbow, but didn’t cry

The picture is a might faint, but if you look hard enough, you can see it!

I watched a belly dancer with a sword on her head

I ate rabbit with my hands, Moroccan style

A dear friend of mine took me to Mataam Fez, a Moroccan themed restaurant. The service was wonderful, the food was delectable and overall it was a wonderful experience. I will certainly go again!

I watched Monty Python in the park.

Civic Center Park hosted Bike-in Movie showing Monty Python & the Holy Grail. We had a great time along with the rather large crowd that turned up!  The next movie they will be showing is Top Gun on 9/14/2012. I might check it out…

I hung out on a rooftop terrace

I really need to make sure my next place has one of these.  Either that or I have to make sure that I have somebody I can coerce into letting me hang out up here more often…

It’s been good times! :-D  I wonder what adventures await me next week?


  1. LOL The head sword is pretty classic

    • They also did some tricks with pouring the tea although I couldn’t quite capture that with a pic lol

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