Random ish that happens to Fyre

There’s always something random happening to me. Especially now that I’ve moved to Denver, randomness seems to ensue on a regular basis.  I think I’ll start sharing some of the randomness here…

Today I decided to wear my spirit hood

aka Fuzzy kitteh het

aka Fuzzy kitteh het

Normally when I wear this hat I get plenty of compliments, smiles and random chatter.  In fact, on the way to work, a homeless chap in a tophat and I exchanged hat related pleasantries. With my prior experiences, I wasn’t entirely surprised that a man walking towards me when I was on my way home would stare at me like he’d seen an alien.  What follows though, was highly unexpected.

The man, henceforth named RM for Random Man, stops directly in front of me, staring with his mouth open slightly and hand extended towards me.  It seemed odd, but I shook his hand, but he didn’t let go.  He just stood there staring at me, holding my hand hostage.  I look around me, first to the right, then to the left, basically seeing if there were people around should I need help.  As I’m looking to the left, RM stops me and tells me:

“I don’t like looking over there. I don’t like seeing that. Don’t look that way.”

He’s still holding on to my hand with a serious grip.  I laugh and then say:

“Ok, well it was nice to meet you.  I’ve got to go home now. Take care!”

He’s still holding on to my hand… RM seems to have snapped (somewhat) back to lucidity and tells me:

“You are beautiful! Your spirit is wonderful! God is going to bless you multiple fold!”

He’s still holding my hand… I thank RM and again mention that I was heading home.  He continues as if I hadn’t said anything:

RM: “I’m not from here you see.  I’m from Oregon!”

Fyre: “Cool! Welcome to Denver!”

RM laughs and puffs out his chest like he’s proud of something.  He’s still holding onto my hand.  I pat his arm and start moving to the side.

Fyre: “I’ve got to go now. I’ll see you later!”

RM finally loosens his grip on my hand and I’m starting to walk past him. He grabs my hand again.

RM: “Hey, you got a light? I wanted to light my cigarette”

Fyre: “I’m sorry, I don’t have a light.” (I know, ironic that the girl calling herself Fyre doesn’t carry fire.)

RM: “Oh, it’s ok. I live right around the corner. I can light it there.”

He’s holding my hand still.

RM: “You’re great. Um… can I touch your hat?”

I stammer out a “uhhh… sure?” because I figure if he’s not holding my hand, maybe I can actually leave…

RM at first pats my hat like I’m a kitty, which I can handle, but then he hugs my head and kisses my hat.  He then tells me I’m great, turns and leaves.  By far, this has been the strangest hat-related interaction I’ve had.

Thank you Denver, you always keep it interesting.

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  1. I guess this means I might get random stranger pettings when I wear mine out in public… :)

    • Hahaha, be careful what you wish for! I was lucky, he only kissed my hat XD

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